just one more day

what would you do if you knew today is your last day ? would you wish for just one more day ?

the time to think of what you’ve always wanted to do in life could be the last thing you do. so i think it’s not a bad idea if you write from now. all your dreams, all your to-do, to-done ..

it’s all easy in your mind, your imagination can take you anywhere you want, but don’t consider writing it down will be an easy thing, i’v tried, and i still go practise to do.

i hate regrets, and i think wanting one more day is a regret. i love the saying :

“fight..and you’ll become someone, don’t fight .. and you’ll still be someone, but not the same person”

but regret is to be, and there are many other things infront if we are able to see beyond that regret, so even if it kills you, keep fighting !!


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